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Business Integrations

We play well with others

We understand that you can't excel at everything, which is why we integrate with industry leaders. Our communication platform integrates seamlessly with other popular tools and systems, maximizing the end user's experience across all interfaces.

Teams integration

Native integration with MS Teams

Integrated mobility

Mobile enablers


Pre-build integrations & CRM connectors


Get the most out of all systems

The advantage of a cloud communication system is its ability to integrate with other systems. Our platform integrates with popular collaboration tools and CRM systems, allowing end-users to optimize their services.

Know your customers
with CRM Connect

The Business Communications tool can enhance customer service by integrating with CRM systems. The office phone system can work in tandem with a cloud CRM to provide valuable customer information before answering a call.

Teams integration

Native PBX management directly in Teams

Our Teams integration enables easy PBX management directly in the native Teams environment. It syncs presence between the mobile app/softphone and Teams and allows for easy management of common PBX settings. It also helps with customer onboarding and initial setup for service providers and their partners.

Mobile first

With the world in the palm of your hands

Our Mobile First Movement aims to provide true flexibility to workers across Europe. By eliminating location-based communication systems, employees can be productive from anywhere. We recognize the importance of mobile phones in our daily lives, including work, and strive to incorporate the complete office communication system into the device. Our cloud platform ensures flexibility without compromising functionality or quality.

Fixed and Mobile Convergence

FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) enables employees to have true mobility by connecting their fixed and mobile numbers to the exchange. This allows both numbers to ring simultaneously and provides accurate line state and presence information regardless of which number is called.

PBX in your pocket

Move the company exchange into your mobile phones and gain access to the PBX, from wherever you are located


Our services are completely carrier independent. Regardless of carries, the functionality remains the same.

Smart app

Gain access to all advanced PBX functionality, in a user-friendly mobile view.

Upgrade Your Customers Communication

From small local businesses to large international corporations, Dstny UCAAS provides the communication solutions they need to connect with customers and colleagues worldwide. And with truSip as your partner, you can be confident in delivering reliable and effective services to your clients.

Contact truSip today to learn more about how Dstny UCAAS can help your clients communicate better and grow their businesses.