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Broadband may be boring but it's crucial for any UK business
and could become a solid revenue generator for your business.

Easily build stable and recurring revenue

With cloud-based solutions, data and applications are stored and run remotely, and access to them is dependent on a stable and high-speed internet connection. truSIP, by providing connectivity services at competitive rates, we can help your customers businesses save on costs, while ensuring your customers have the necessary connectivity to support their operations.

Pain free ordering, setup and admin

All services can be ordered from the touch of a button via our online portal. User-friendly and accessible from anywhere in the world, partners can check connectivity availability according to postcode areas directly from our online portal.

A changing market

In December 2025, the UK PSTN circuits will be closed off. This is part of the UK’s migration to an IP-network and will replace all the legacy PSTN services.

What does this mean?

All older internet connections, such as ADSL and FTTC broadband, will become obsolete so any businesses with PSTN and ISDN fixed lines must be migrated by 2025.

What is going to replace PSTN

With the closure of all PSTN lines there is an opportunity to sell new network connectivity services to customers that will have to upgrade to these new services. But which service do they change to? Below is a guide to the various options that replace PSTN and how each compares.

Start selling network connectivity

truSIP specializes in providing a wide range of network connectivity options to resellers like you. Whether your customers are in need of high-speed internet, dedicated lines, or cloud-based services, we have the inventory and expertise to provide you with the products and support you need.