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Fixed and Mobile Convergence

Combines fixed and mobile numbers for true mobility.

True mobility – natively mobile

As the market moves towards mobile-enabled businesses, implementing a communication system can be costly and time-consuming. Dstny's FMC solution provides high-quality mobile communication integrated natively into the phone, without sacrificing quality or functionality. Service providers can capture growth opportunities quickly and effectively with this proposition.

What is FMC?

Fixed Mobile Convergence

In a business communication system without FMC, a mobile number and a landline number would function as two separate extensions. Calls made to the mobile phone wouldn't register as busy on the landline, and vice versa.

FMC enables users to connect their mobile and fixed numbers to their business communication system, allowing both extensions to ring regardless of which number was called. This provides accurate line state and presence information for both extensions.

"I’m going out for lunch,
but I’m taking the PBX with me"

Fixed Mobile Convergence enables employees to be available in the office phone system while on the go.

Presence and line-state

Provide the right information about end-users availability

Irrespective of the device used, FMC provides true line-state and presence for colleagues. If a call is made to a mobile number while the recipient is busy on their landline, the caller is notified of the busy status. Presence of colleagues can be tracked on any device.

Benefits of FMC for
Service Providers

Increased value

Early adoption is critical to maximize the value addition

Expand proposition

Meet existing and future RFP demand by expanding your core proposition

Delight customers

Quick enablement through self-service without complicated airtime packages

Effortless to activate and easy to use

Automated end-customer onboarding

Offer end-users a seamless experience with a unified customer journey. Utilize existing UCaaS APIs for a streamlined experience for both customers and administrators.

Seamless e-commerce journey

Users can start their customer journey on your website by selecting their desired plan, signing their mobile contract, making payments, and placing their order.

Sim delivery and activation

Once the eSIM is ready, the end-user can easily activate and register their device in just a few simple steps.

Upgrade Your Customers Communication

From small local businesses to large international corporations, Dstny UCAAS provides the communication solutions they need to connect with customers and colleagues worldwide. And with truSip as your partner, you can be confident in delivering reliable and effective services to your clients.

Contact truSip today to learn more about how Dstny UCAAS can help your clients communicate better and grow their businesses.