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Call 2 Teams

The world's easiest way to give Microsoft Teams a voice.

Easily voice-enable Microsoft Teams around existing enterprise-grade telephony. Call2Teams connects any business phone system or SIP Trunk provider to Microsoft Teams.

Call2Teams is a middleware product that easily voice-enables Microsoft Teams around existing enterprise-grade telephony.

Cloud Native

Call2Teams sits between any Teams phone, PBX and or SIP trunk and Microsoft Teams


Pricing is per user, per month and pro-rata on initial setup, ensuring you get a fair deal from day 1


Quick and simple to deploy, No additional software or hardware needed.


Using Call2Teams has no impact on your existing phone services.

A trusted and global platform

C2T operate in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and are served from super-clusters in four continents. Giving you peace of mind of uptime and very low risk of disruption to your operations.

Microsoft approved

Call2Teams are co-sell validated and Silver ISV partner. This means that Call2Teams have accredited development staff and are certified Microsoft professionals.

Approved infrastructure

The session border controllers utilized in Call2Teams are approved by Microsoft Direct Routing, providing additional features and services beyond standard voice communication to enhance the user experience and optimize business operations.

Fully secure and approved for use on leading PBX's & SIP Trunks.

True native integration to Microsoft 365, no additional software.

Implementation through an intuitive web portal.

Fully certified, enterprise-grade, trusted solution, managing thousands of concurrent calls globally

Call2Teams Phone App

All the core features you would
expect from a native Teams experience

A third-party application that can be used to enable dialling in Teams without requiring additional Microsoft licensing. It offers a native experience for end users and organizations who want to be Teams first.

A cost-effective and voice-enabled Teams solution for organizations of any size, with advanced calling features such as call recording and analytics available to improve communication and collaboration.

Integrated dial pad

  • Enter number in any format
  • Use keyboard or mouse to enter number
  • Click to call or press enter on keyboard
  • Backspace or clear number entered in dial pad
  • ‘My number’ clearly indicated in dial pad

Active call management

  • Transfers – Blind transfers to PTSN. Type number or search for a contact
  • Hold/Resume – Hold the active call and resume when ready. When holding, hold music will play if set up on your PBX. If not, the call will still hold, but will be silent.
  • Active call management with Phone App is easily performed across desktop, browser and mobile

Contacts list

  • Full name and number in contacts list
  • Contacts reflects Outlook contacts
  • Add contacts within Phone App – these will populate your Outlook contacts
  • Edit and Delete your contacts made in Phone App
  • Make a call straight from contacts
  • Search contacts by name or numbe

Call history

  • Phone App own call history (not from Teams)
  • Dial contacts directly from call history
  • Filter contacts by call ‘states’
  • Search call history by contact and number
  • Full detail on call ‘state’, including time and date
  • 14-day search history
  • Up to 100 calls stored (within 14-day period

Comparatively lower cost
vs alternatives

Allows voice-enabling Teams without requiring additional Microsoft licensing requirements. It complements your Call2Teams PBX license and is self-service in the Call2Teams portal.

Improved total
cost of ownership

Licensing management is simpler and easier to manage. Overall, Phone App is a practical and efficient solution for organizations looking to enable voice calling in Teams without costly licensing requirements.

The installation process is effortless, and there is no operational disruption during setup.

It couldn’t be simpler to
get started with us...

Onboarding can be completed in a matter of weeks,
and we ensure you have as much support possible when ready to sell.

30 days free trial

No change to your phone services or numbers

Service setup in minutes, no skills required

Use the advanced phone system features of Microsoft Teams.

Immediately begin delivering the benefits to your team.

Pay-as-you go, per user, per month subscription based pricing.