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Flexible Dashboard for your communication data

The Dstny Dashboard offers an overview of selected statistics from various data sources in a single view, allowing you to quickly monitor your data. You can create a personalized dashboard with multiple widgets to showcase different data and brand it to your business's liking. This automatically updated dashboard is accessible via computers, TV monitors, smartphones, or tablets.

Present data

The customer's reporting data on the Dstny Dashboard depends on their current data sources. The platform integrates with several modules and can incorporate new ones. Users can choose which platform modules to showcase data from, and add shortcuts or widgets to the Dashboard, such as Meridix Platform, iframes to other websites, responsive text, and YouTube videos.

Add data from external sources

The platform facilitates the integration of multiple data sources, including live data and other SaaS sources, allowing for a wide range of information to be presented on the Dashboard. Customers can quickly import measurement objects from external sources and create a status overview with live data. They can also present information such as the number of people in a queue, missed calls, or colleague availability.

Design and brand your dashboard

Customize your Dashboard to match your business needs and branding with extensive support for flexible structuring. Add media files, company colours, and logos to create a Dashboard that aligns with your company profile.

Share your dashboard

You can share your Dashboard within your company or to specific resellers or the whole system, depending on your system authority level. If your Dashboard is shared and set as the default for a system or customer, it will be the starting one for users who have not configured a Dashboard yet.

Your shared and private Dashboards are visible in the Dashboard list, along with other users' shared Dashboards. The shared Dashboards will only show data that the user who opens it has permission to see.

Upgrade Your Customers Communications

From small local businesses to large international corporations, Dstny UCAAS provides the communication solutions they need to connect with customers and colleagues worldwide. And with truSip as your partner, you can be confident in delivering reliable and effective services to your clients.

Contact truSip today to learn more about how Dstny UCAAS can help your clients communicate better and grow their businesses.