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Vincent Leahy

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Vincent Leahy

Chief Executive Officer

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Vincent was born in Rinteln, Germany in a British Military Hospital and was educated in Germany as his father served in the British Army for over 20 years, on his return to the UK in 1983 Vincent’s career began when he joined Nimans Electronics a newly formed Manchester based company.

Vincent is a natural communicator and has spent all of his working life in Telecoms Distribution. He was the first sales employee at Nimans and his career spans way back to the CB radio days which was the initial range of products that Nimans wholesaled.

As Nimans branched out into Telecoms and recruited more staff in in the sales and support departments, 1987 saw Vincent being promoted to Sales Manager responsible for bringing in new business whilst also managing the Trade counter staff in the Manchester office.

Vincent has been involved in the industry from the initial boom years in Telecoms supplying independent retailers with phones and answering machines, long range cordless Phones as well as numerous novelty phones, this was the era before the large high street chains became the mainstream suppliers of telephony to the public.

The market changed quite dramatically in the early years and in 1988 Nimans embarked in a new direction into Telephone Systems Distribution, this is when the telephone system market really accelerated in the private sector and brands such as: London, Rhapsody and BT were available in the market to capitalise on the opportunity now that BT were no longer the only option to obtain Telecom products.

The next few years saw double digit growth year on year and prompted a move to larger multi building premises in 1990. Vincent was instrumental in recruitment, training, and progression of his now 20 strong sales team whilst still being the customer facing representative of the company.

In 1997 Vincent was appointed as Dealer Sales Director in charge of the total Sales operation and was an integral part of the team that was the driving force that saw the business continue to grow over a number of years and grew to a turnover of over £56M per annum.

In 2004 it was time for a new challenge so Vincent and fiancé Jane set up Trust Distribution initially trading from their home but soon progressed into managed offices and the introduction of their first two members of sales staff to increase sales and the presence of Trust in the market place. Over the 10 plus years that Trust have been trading the company has grown and evolved dramatically in what is a relatively short period of time. Trust now trades from its own office and logistics building complete with demonstration suites for the major system brands along with a training facility that is not only utilised for staff training but also holds presentations and technical training for Resellers.

Vincent has been the driving force in bringing on customers and continues to be the face of Trust and to his credit a lot of the Resellers and Suppliers that he has dealt with over the years have actually become personal friends. The company has traded through and continues to thrive in a challenging economic climate and maintains the same customer service standards that have been present from day one and remain one of the few true channel only Distributors in the market.

It is fair to say that Vincent’s favourite colour is red especially in the context of sport. He is an avid Manchester United fan, and in Rugby he follows Wigan Warriors. His more recent interest is a little more diverse with Ice Hockey and his chosen team is Chicago Blackhawks, all of these teams play in red, suffice to say there are certain sporting teams that play in red are not favoured in the same way...