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Terry Ambrose

Terry Ambrose

Terry Ambrose

Chief Operating Officer

0333 360 6060

Terry's first full time role was an apprentice Electronics Engineer in the late 1970's however it became obvious within a short period that it wasn't what he saw as his future career path and in the early boom days of personal computers becoming more accessible to a wider audience Terry took on the task during this period to set up a mail order arm of the business to access the wider growing market.

An opportunity to work within a larger business in what was a rapidly growing Telecommunications market, Terry took up a Logistics Manager role to streamline the logistics operation and process's having had the previous hands on experience of building a logistics operation from the ground up, the new role encompassed overseeing all aspects of the operation and managing a growing team of people as the company expanded over several years.

With the continuing expansion logistics operation was split into two entities and Terry was promoted to the role of Purchasing Manager, and ultimately progressed to become Purchasing Director. During Terry's employment the annual turnover grew from £750k to £56M.

Currently Director & Co Owner of a thriving Telecommunications company, Terry's working background has primarily been operations based although it is safe to say that when owning your own business you have to be prepared to multitask whatever your position and learn new skills and over time he has become very proficient at sweeping floors and shopping for the tea and coffee for the team.

Terry is a keen traveller and he likes nothing more than jetting off to warmer climes away from the infamous Manchester weather.