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truSIP offer a cost-effective addition or alternative to ISDN-based PBXs. Our SIP service gives our partners access to a feature rich cloud solution enabling them to deliver a powerful SIP-enabled PBX to their customers. Our feature rich SIP trunk service includes:

Unlimited Call Recording

truSIP provide partners with truly unlimited call recording as part of our bundled package for all outbound and inbound calls. Included in our SIP solution at no extra cost and without any hidden fees, Call Recording is a powerful feature mostly used for quality and training purposes but also very useful when it comes to dispute resolution and compliance purposes.

Call Queuing at cloud level

Our solution also comes with Call Queuing, which is a sophisticated queuing system that allows businesses to accept more calls into their PBX than they have employees capable of answering them. Our partners have access to this powerful feature at no extra cost and enable their end-users to deal efficiently with call traffic peaks to avoid the loss of valuable customer calls.

Online MI statistics and reporting

As part of our SIP solution, our online self-servicing portal gives partners and their end-users access to an array of live MI statistics and reports on their call activity, helping them measure and improve performances to ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

One single portal for everything

Our single online portal gives partners access to a user-friendly platform from which they can order a new line with a live specified installation date, search for available connectivity options based on postcode location and order it, select the specific PBX they wish to connect the SIP trunks based from the portal drop-down list and order the number of SIP trunks and sequential telephone numbers required.

Live Wallboard

Available with FREE activation, our web-based wallboard solution is a powerful feature for our partners to have in their portfolio of products and services. Typically used in call centre and sales environments, it displays real-time call statistics, which is highly valuable data when it comes to Service Level and customer experience.

Unified Communications with the SWiP app

Our revolutionary smartphone app integrates with our SIP trunks to allow partners and their end-users to remain a seamless "extension" of their PBX, wherever they are. This powerful feature brings together the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in mobile communications with remote working in fixed line telecoms, helping our partners deliver a truly unified communications and business continuity solution to their end-users.

Auto-attendant (IVR)

Auto-attendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is also part of our complete SIP trunk solution. truSIP’s cloud-based auto-attendant is available at no extra cost and without any hidden charges. truSIP partners and their end-users can configure IVRs within minutes via our online self-servicing portal and can upload audio recordings straight into the system.

A simple numbering and portability portal

truSIP partners have access to a range of more than 600,000 UK numbers that can be requested, provisioned and live within minutes via our user-friendly one-touch ordering portal. SIP trunks and numbers can also be migrated and ported seamlessly onto our service with little effort required from our partners.